Qian Yu

UX Designer

Designing for #ConversationalAI, #MachineLearning, #Data, and more
at Cisco Webex Intelligence
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Design for
AI and More Blogs
Projects at
Cisco Collaboration
Webex Assistant

A multi-modal conversational AI

assistant for both smart

meeting room devices

and your collaboration apps

People Insights

People Insights provides detailed, private insights to you and your team to help you manage work-life balance, carve out focus time, and develop stronger and more effective working relationships.

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Webex Teams

Webex Teams is an app

for continuous teamwork with

video meetings, group messaging,

file sharing and whiteboarding

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Webex Share

The Cisco Webex Share is a palm-sized, affordable device that allows you to quickly and easily share content to any display without using cables or dongles

Design Thinking
& Process

I strongly believe that design is the line that connects business, technology, and humans. They push my design to the holistic level, help me to understand and frame the problem comprehensively. Thus, I can create innovative and desirable design solutions.

I'm also an advocate and practitioner for

Lean UX and design methodologies. I believe having a healthy design culture within the team is key to the success of the product itself.